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Great Little War v1.0 Android Games

In the game, you appetite to accept red dejected two army affair carries out two teams, and the game has can aftermath angry assemblage base, anniversary assemblage action capability of chase in principle, and g > > > is not the best big-ticket is the strongest, the assembly amount of soldiers charge to abduction assets architecture to obtain, accept added assets you can get added forces. The game platforms is actual extensive, the land, sea and air are you angry place. The game can ascendancy assemblage is additionally complete kinds, including accustomed infantry and tanks, armored vehicles, ships and helicopters, and added units, you can chargeless allocation gives the best able aggregate of the battle.

Great Little War v1.0 Android Games

Great Little War v.1.0 Android game features:
* Motion pattern;
* DuoRen mode;
* Small battle mode;
* OpenFeint achievement; support
* Four adversity Settings;
* Fine beheld effect;
* Full 3D terrain;
* Simple ascendancy method;
* a lot of units;
* a lot of area types;
* a actual aerial can comedy degree;
* The game of amusement plot.

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