Review Specifications BlackBerry Bold 9790 Bellagio

BlackBerry Bold 9790 Bellagio

BlackBerry Bold 9790 Bellagio will be launched on 25 November. BlackBerry Bold 9790 has a slightly lower specification than the Bold 9900 Dakota. The difference lies in the processor 1 GHz and design. And one of the advantages compared with Dakota is auto focus camera features Bellagio. BlackBerry Bold 9790 will be priced about 4.6 million rupiah.

Main specifications of the BlackBerry Bold 9790
* Processor Marvel Tavor MG1 1GHz
* Capacitive touch screen 2.4''
* BlackBerry OS 7
* 768 MB RAM
* Internal Memory 8 GB
* Camera 5 MP with LED Flash
* Battery 1230 mAh

BlackBerry Bold 9790 Bellagio

Design and Body
BlackBerry Bold 9790 Bellagio has a dimension of size 110 x 60 x 11.4 mm and weighs only 107 grams. With dimensions like that, the Bold 9790 is a very good grip, especially for those of you who have a hand is not too large. To type with 1 hand was quite easy.

In terms of design, Bold 9790 it looks like the Bold 97xx previous generations but there are some changes, especially on the rear. Rear looks very similar to the Torch 9860/9850. BlackBerry Bold 9790 is surrounded by chrome bezel that looks sleek and elegant.

Front view, there is a 2.4" touch screen which has a design fused with the upper housing. At the bottom of the screen there are five physical buttons that look very similar to the Torch 9860/9850. These buttons are typical navigation buttons BB, such as call buttons, menus, trackpad, back and hang up buttons.

Physical keyboard on the Bold 9790 similar with predecessor series. For any type did not seem too different, in our opinion still more comfortable to type on a Bold 9900 Dakota keyboard . But this is more than adequate and quite comfortable.

There is Keypad lock / unlock at the top of the phone. 3.5mm headset port hole located on the left side of the phone, while a micro USB port located under the phone that is usually placed RIM on the left or right side of the phone. Volume buttons and convinience key located on the right side of the phone.

Rear view is dominated by gray color on the lid of the battery. As a sweetener, RIM adding a black frame around the camera and the LED lights are also engraved the word "bold". RIM looks like to emphasize once elegant minimalistic impression on this BlackBerry Bellagio. The texture of the skin on the BlackBerry 9700/9780 battery cover is not used anymore. So that makes this phone look more stylish and trendy.

Overall the BlackBerry Bellagio has an elegant design, minimalist and sleek. Its light weight is also a value plus for this phone. Refreshment in terms of design make this Bold 9790 series featured more fresh than its predecessor.

BlackBerry Bold 9790 Bellagio

BlackBerry Bold 9790 using OS 7 the most recent are displayed through the screen of 2.4" with a resolution of 480x360 pixels. The interface is quite nice, bright and easily dominated. Exploring the menus faster and easier thanks to the support of a combination of touch screen and physical buttons. Information displayed fairly complete starting from the information day, date, battery power, and network.

There are a few shortcuts on the homepage which is also owned all of the BlackBerry with OS 7. You can access the network settings, clock settings and other options by touching the screen at the top of the information contained hours, dates and so on. Also in the left corner there is a small icon shaped speakers that can go directly to the profile settings. While in the upper right corner there is a small icon shaped magnifying glass that can be used to access the universal search feature. Among these there are two small icons notification lines that you can open by touching or clicking with the trackpad.

Text Input
The only input text on the BlackBerry device is using the physical keyboard. With a full QWERTY design, characteristic of the BlackBerry mobile typing feel quite comfortable and easy.

Contacts menu on the Bold 9790 looks the same as other BlackBery OS7. Simply displayed in a list sorted by abjadnya. Contact details which can be added pretty much like Title, Company, Email, PIN, Birthday, Website, Notes, etc.. You can add Favorite contacts with special ringing tone according to your choice, so you can distinguish incoming calls only through ring tones only.

Messaging menu would be a key feature of the BlackBerry Bold 9790. Capabilities of the BlackBerry push email is still the mainstay of the number 1 for most users. E-mails with a wide range of domain address can be set to BlackBerry.

In addition to push email, BlackBerry Messenger is also a key to the success of the BlackBerry. You can add thousands of contacts / PIN, send images / files / voice messaging, group chat, broadcast messages, post profile pictures, status updates and more. According our, BBM(BlackBerry Messenger) is one of the best Instant Messaging today, delivery and reception of messages quickly, and does not require a login / logout, which means you will always be connected with your friends anytime and anywhere.

Besides these two main features above there are several other features in the Messaging category, such as the Text menu which comes with emoticons and sending messages via PIN. Although it looks simple but very powerful.

Messaging features on the BlackBerry has a perfect score, almost all the features of congenital messaging can be run perfectly, quickly and easily. Apart from it looks simple but the category of messaging on a BlackBerry outperformed Android and IOS in terms of stability and timeliness.

Camera with 5 MP resolution and LED flash support embedded on the BlackBerry Bold 9790. Auto focus feature that disappeared from the Bold 9900 has been invested in this Bold 9790. Camera shots have a brightness level slightly above the Bold 9900, also feels there is an increase in sharpness and focus of the photograph with the camera Bold 9790 than the Bold 9900.

On the menu there is a Geotagging feature, image stabilization and Scene selection of image capture. Scene is quite a lot to choose, namely:
* Auto
* Face Detection
* Potrait
* Sports
* Landscape
* Party
* Close-Up
* Snow
* Beach
* Night
* Text

BlackBerry Bold 9790 Bellagio

Video Recorder
Unlike the BlackBerry Dakota is capable of recording 720p HD quality video, a video recorder on the BlackBerry Bellagio is only capable of recording up to a maximum VGA resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. Recording the results are not so good, it looks less sharp when played. The video recorder has a specification of 29 frames / second, as we try to move quickly on the phone did not occur lag when recording and frame skip at all.

Photo gallery on the Bold 9790 is not too much different from other BlackBerry galleries. Gallery photos, music and video separate from each other. Display face gallery is divided into several categories folders which you can choose, for example camera pictures, picture libraries and wallpaper.

Through this menu we can make photos that we choose as wallpaper or as a contact photo in your phonebook. There are also properties menu to see detailed information of an image. You can also enjoy a photo gallery with slideshow features.

Music player is very simple and does not differ much from the BlackBerry predecessors. Added a simple display with album art makes music player look a little boring. In terms of setting Audio Boost, settings are to enlarge the sound produced and the equalizer can be set.

Equalizer options pretty much, there are :
* Bass Boost
* Lower Bass
* Dance
* Hip Hop
* Jazz
* Lounge
* Loud
* R & B
* Rock
* Treble Boost
* Treble Lower
* Vocal Boost

The quality of sound produced by Bold 9790 sounds good, clear and loud, although only having 1 piece speaker on the back. The sound quality can be practically equivalent to the BlackBerry Bold 9900. Overall there is improvement in terms of quality but not in terms of look.

Video Player
The video player on this phone is capable of running multiple formats such as mp4, m4a, 3gp, avi, and asf. In view of this phone is not too focused on multimedia use it to watch videos on this phone just feels normal. The screen is small to be one of the key factors of discomfort while watching the video, although the images produced by the screen is quite bright and has a speaker that can produce a loud and clear sounds.

Browsers become one of the side that gets most felt the touch of a change in the BlackBerry OS 7. Loading and rendering speed increased sharply compared to the use of BlackBerry OS 6. Browser on BlackBerry not equipped with Flash support. Thanks to its touch screen support surfing becomes easier and faster than have to rely on the trackpad for navigation. Pinch Zoom was running smoothly and fine.

Connectivity BlackBerry Bold 9790
* Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n, UMA
* Bluetooth v2.1 with A2DP, EDR
* MicroUSB v2.0
* Micro SD up to 32 GB

Congenital Applications BlackBerry Bold 9790
* BlackBerry Messenger
* BlackBerry App World
* Facebook for BlackBerry
* Twitter for BlackBerry
* Yahoo Messenger
* Windows Live Messenger
* Google Talk
* BlackBerry Maps
* Social Feeds
* Documents to go

Battery Life
BlackBerry Bold 9790 using battery type JM-1 with capacity 1230 mAh, the same as that used in the BlackBerry Bold 9900, 9930, 9850 and 9860. 1GHz processor usage is a wise choice compared with 1.2GHz processor, because the processor 1GHz is sufficient to run many applications.

The use of intense during the review process depletes the battery about 5-6% / hour. With normal daily use and connect to the BIS, we think this BlackBerry will be able to last between 13-16 hours. Slightly more efficient than the BlackBerry Bold 9900 which have 1.2GHz processor.

NB :  resistance is relative and depends on the intensity of usage, signal stability, room temperature and other factors.

Minimalist and elegant design. There are already improving the quality of the multimedia generation compared to its predecessor. The phone is still geared for business purposes, chat and messaging because chat and messaging features on all BlackBerry phones are very powerful, stable, fast and easy to use.

* Performance smoothly
* Minimalist design, small and lightweight
* The quality of the screen and the sound is quite good
* Suitable for Chat and Messaging
* Easy to use

* Display and multimedia features is Simple
* Battery capacity is smaller than its predecessor 9700/9780
* The screen is smaller, less convenient for browsing and watching videos

BlackBerry Bold 9790 Bellagio

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