Blackberry Bold 9900 Dakota Review

Blackberry Bold 9900 Dakota

1. Introduction
BlackBerry Bold 9900 became one of the mainstays in the front line Research In Motion this year. Relying on a wide QWERTY keyboard and comfortable, and capacitive touch screen support, the BlackBerry Bold 9900 offers something different than its predecessors. With a 1.2 Ghz processor we see reviews below about the performance of the BlackBerry Bold 9900.

Main specifications of the BlackBerry Bold 9900 :
* 1.2 GHz QC 8655 processor
* BlackBerry OS 7
* 2.8-inch touch screen, 640x480 pixels
* Full QWERTY keyboard
* 768 MB RAM
* 8 GB internal memory
* 5 MP camera, LED Flash
* 720p HD Recording
* Li-ion Battery 1230 mAh

Package Sales :
* Handset
* Li-Ion Battery 1230 mAh
* Micro USB Data Cable
* Charger Adaptor
* Leather Case
* Headsets
* Screen cleaning cloth

2. Design and Body
The design of the BlackBerry Bold 9900 looks quite elegant. At first glance similar to its predecessor the BlackBerry Bold 9000, but when compared to more detailed design of the Bold 9900 is thinner and only 10.5 mm only. Design Bold 9900 also wider and elegant. Its weight was counted only 130 grams lighter. Front view there is a screen measuring 2.8 inches with a resolution of 640x480 pixels, there are also four physical keys and trackpad dibarisan menus and navigation. Full QWERTY keyboard is very easy and convenient to use for typing. Around the BlackBerry Bold 9900 bezel wrapped with bezel steel polished stainless colored stainless that will add an elegant impression of the Bold 9900.

Rear impressed minimalist Bold 9900. There is only the main camera and flash LED lights. Close the battery is made from lightweight plastic with carbon black motif, with the BB logo in the middle of it. All around the battery cover there is a black matte frame for a better grip.

On the left side of the phone in just a hole 3.5 mm audio jack and micro USB hole for battery charging and data transfer via USB cable. On the right side of the phone there are 4 physical buttons are volume up, mute, volume down and convinience key / button of the camera.

On the upper side of the phone have 1 physical button to do the lock and unlock the keys. While on the underside of the phone is not there any buttons or holes.

totality design and body Bold 9900 is quite perfect, elegant design, shape and size also good to grip, comfortable to type on a full QWERTY keyboard. The weights are light enough to be of added value.

3. Interface
Blackberry Bold 9900 using the interface of the BlackBerry OS 7, the latest version currently issued by RIM. If you ever use the device with OS 6 may not be too familiar to see the display interface Bold 9900.
2.8 inch screen 640x480 pixel make the interface appear not too big and not too small, the image produced by the screen is quite sharp and bright. With the support of a capacitive touch screen and trackpad, explore the menus on the BlackBerry Bold 9900 is easier and faster.

The main interface is divided into several pages that can be your broom to the left and right, namely :
All : contains all the applications and the menu on the Bold 9900.
Favorites : contains your favorite applications, which previously had your first mark.
Media: This page contains the menu music, picturem video, video camera, podcasts and music stores.
Downloads : all third party applications you download will go to this page.
Frequent : contains a list of applications you use most frequently, thus facilitating the search.
All applications on each page you can move its position according to your taste. The interface can also be customized with your own choice of wallpaper.

At the top there is a shortcut to the network settings and other options, this shortcut can be accessed through the top line of the screen that contained the time, date, operator, and others. In addition there is also a shortcut to the profile, the notification center, and the universal search on the left and right corner of the screen, its position just below the date and time information at the top.

Notification center and the universal search has been implanted since OS 6 and is still a mainstay in the OS 7, and indeed very helpful activities of daily users. Universal search is able to find anything quickly in accordance with the keywords you type.

4. Input Text
For text input, the BlackBerry Bold 9900 relied physical keyboard. Hallmark of Design Full QWERTY BlackBerry to be the only mainstay in conducting the input text. Forms a keyboard that is wide enough and soft making typing speed and convenience increased.

5. Contacts
The contacts on the Bold 9900 is not much different from other BlackBerry devices. Simple, displayed in a list arranged alphabetically. Contact details when adding quite a lot that we can input, for example: first name, last name, title, company, email, PIN, Birthday, Anniversary, Website and Notes. You can also set special ringtones for the contact. In addition there are 2 options you can set categories: Personal and Business. In contacts you can add photos person concerned.

6. Messaging
BlackBerry Bold 9900 is supported GSM / HSDPA. Messaging features a mainstay since the first generation BlackBerry phones till now. His ability to do push e-mail both from the various domain servers (yahoo, gmail, etc.) very well. Quick and precise.

In addition there is also a BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). Who does not know the fuel? instant messaging suddenly become the most popular today in Indonesia, almost all people ranging from students, businesses and housewives to use fuel as a primary communication tool. In addition to fast and accurate penghantarannya (depending on connection), there are also some interesting features that are embedded, such as sending pictures features, voice messaging, group chat support, and much more.

In addition to Email and fuel are also features PIN Message, you can send the message peer to peer into other BlackBerry devices using your BlackBerry PIN. PIN Message is just like sending an email addressed to a PIN number instead of email address.

Not forgetting also features a short message or SMS is also required to be included, although it looks simple does not like the IOS or Android.

Talk about the BlackBerry Messaging according to our king, supported by the BlackBerry Internet Service that is stable then the Bold 9900 mobile phone is able to eat all the existing messaging features, ranging from email, SMS, PIN Message, petrol, YM, Gtalk, WLM and many more IM applications others who can work very well on the BlackBerry.

7. Camera
The camera on the BlackBerry Bold 9900 resolution 5 MP. Unfortunately the auto focus feature missing from this phone. With a selling price of about 6 million it was very unfortunate if RIM forget all the features that are so crucial for users who like photography.

Picture camera catches Bold 9900 is quite bright and have good color, again unfortunately there is no auto focus feature. Geotagging feature on the camera there, Led Flash, and Scene Modes to choose from.
Scene Modes to choose from quite a lot, namely :
* Auto
* Face Detection
* Potrait
* Sports
* Landscape
* Party
* Close-Up
* Snow
* Beach
* Night
* Text

Video Recorder
BlackBerry Bold 9900 is capable of recording 720p HD video. There are several scenes that can be selected recording is Potrait, Landscape, Close Up and Beach. Results recorded in the form of 3GP format and the result is quite good. The resulting bright colors and sounds around able to arrest the mic as well.

8. Gallery
Photo gallery on the Bold 9900 is not too much different from other BlackBerry gallery. Photo gallery, music and video separately from each other. Front view gallery is divided into several categories of folders which you can choose, for example, camera pictures, picture library and wallpaper. When you open one of the categories of the photographs will be displayed large enough even though we do not open the photo. The photos displayed on the screen is quite bright and sharp thanks to the support of a 2.8-inch 640 x 480 pixels.

Through the menus we can make images that we choose as a wallpaper or as a contact photo in our phonebook. There are also menu properties to see detailed information from an image.

9. Music
Music player on the Bold 9900 still adopts display music player on the BlackBerry OS 6, rely on a simple display and added as a sweetener display album art. On the menu there are several settings options, among others, Audio Boost, Appearance and others. There are also options Headsets Music Equalizer in some mode of choice.

The resulting sound quality music player it feels increase Bold 9900 BlackBerry Bold 9780 compared with more clear and quite powerful, even though the speaker is only a fruit which is located at the bottom of the back of this phone.

Video Player
The video player has such a simple display on BlackBerry phones in general, the quality of picture and sound pretty good but the screen size is not very satisfactory when used to watch the video. Video player on the Bold 9900 can play various video formats such as Mp4, 3GP, Avi, and WMV.

10. Browser
Browsers get a meaningful improvement compared to previous generations. Renderingnya loading speed and very good, and Bowser on the BlackBerry Bold 9900 is able to open 25 web pages simultaneously and still be added again if desired, most of us had ever tried at this time.

At the moment we are testing the browser Bold 9900 to score 260 points and 3 bonus points. As a comparison only on the default browser that uses Android Gingerbread just get a score of 177 points and 1 bonus point.

Overall the browser on the Bold 9900 is very good in terms of speed, features and more. One advantage is support for touch screen on the Bold 9900 facilitate the process of scrolling, swiping and zooming (pinch zoom). Pinch zoom on the touch screen went very well and smooth. An added value to the Bold 9900.

11. Connectivity
* Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, dual-band
* Bluetooth v2.1 with A2DP, EDR
* MicroUSB v2.0
* Micro SD up to 32 GB

12. Default Applications
* BlackBerry Messenger
* BlackBerry App World
* Facebook for BlackBerry
* Twitter for Android
* Yahoo Messenger
* Windows Live Messenger
* Google Talk
* BlackBerry Maps
* Social Feeds
* Documents to go

13. Battery Life
BlackBerry Bold 9900 Li-Ion batteries rely on a capacity of 1230 mAh only. Unfortunately the battery usage is too small it makes the BlackBerry Bold 9900 is faster drop. If used with the intense consumption of the battery per hour reaches 80-10% which means the Bold 9900 can only survive 10-13 hours with pretty solid and activities connected with the BIS. With a 1.2 GHz processor should use a larger battery of 1230mAh or 1500mAh at least the same as the battery on the BlackBerry Bold 9780.

14. Conclusion
The design is elegant with a mix of physical keyboard, trackpad and touch screen, navigation is better and faster. Full QWERTY keyboard is wide and soft making typing moments you become comfortable and fast. Overall performance of the BlackBerry Bold 9900 is very good and fast thanks to support 1.2 GHz processor. These features and default applications are numerous and rewarding. Screen and sound quality is pretty good. Highly recommended for purchase if you are loyal BlackBerry users. Deficiencies found on the side of the camera with no auto focus feature and battery life.

Excess :
* Good performance and fast
* Elegant design / luxury
* Full QWERTY keyboard is very comfortable to use
* Screen and sound quality far above its predecessors BlackBerry
* Quick browser
* It is suitable for Chat & Messaging

* The camera does not have auto focus feature
* Battery life is less well
* Simple Multimedia

Blackberry Bold 9900 Dakota

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