Review Specifications Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360

Samsung GT-S5360 Galaxy Y

After the famous Galaxy Mini as Android smartphone Samsung's low-end, Samsung is now trying to release low-end smartphones that are not to be underestimated, namely Galaxy Y. Y stands for Young, where the smartphone is targeted for entry-level users.

But in terms screen of this smartphone has a screen size of 3 inches, smaller than its predecessor Galaxy Mini which has a size of 3:14 inches. The camera is only 2 MP decreased from Galaxy Mini is a 3.15 MP camera size. But other than a decrease, there is also increase its specifications such as a larger processor into 832 MHz and the lighter weight of the Galaxy Mini become 97.5 grams. This smartphone is priced around 1 - 1.5 million rupiah.

Although aimed at the entry level, but this smartphone is equipped with a high specification. Here are the official specs of the Galaxy Y:
• Gingerbread Android 2.3.5
• 832 MHz Processor
• 3.0-inch capacitive screen resolution of 320X240 pixels
• 2MP Camera
• 256MB RAM, 164MB storage
• WiFi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth v3.0, A-GPS

Design and Body
The design of the Galaxy Y is simple and very similar to the Galaxy Ace in a smaller size. Galaxy Y has dimensions of 104 x 58 x 11.5 mm. The entire body is made of plastic smartphone, but with chrome wrapping around the body gives an impression of elegance, so it does not look cheap. The back is patterned so that the finger does not leave spots. On the front of the screen surrounded by black frames. Unfortunately the microSD memory slot is not hot-swap, so you have to open the back cover to access the memory card.

Samsung GT-S5360 Galaxy Y

There earpiece and proximity sensor to turn off the screen. In the bottom there are three buttons, the middle button / home is a physical button, while two other buttons (menu, back) is a capacitive button. At the top there is a 3.5 mm headset port and a micro USB port. On the left there is a hole for the strap, and volume buttons. The bottom of the hole filled only mic. On the right there are only a power / lock button. On the back there is a speaker and camera.

The quality of Galaxy Y display is no different with the Galaxy Mini. So that makes it less convenient when viewed if linger.

Galaxy Y is already embedded Android Gingerbread latest version 2.3.5 with TouchWiz 3.0 outputs such as mobile phones from Samsung. Display TouchWiz be one mandatory standard on every smartphone Samsung.

Home screen can contain up to seven pages, which you can add items such as widgets, shortcuts, and folders. Galaxy Y can also be paired Live Wallpaper.

Menu icons appear with the row of 3 x 4 with a transparent black background. The icons can be changed any position as desired. Number of pages on the menu can be increased in accordance with the number of icons there.

Android typical notification bar is also present to provide information and enable multiple connectivity options. As usual you need to display the notification screen with just a sweep of a finger from top to bottom.

Text Input
There are three default input method, namely DioPen Chinese, Samsung keypad, and Swipe. For Samsung keypad there are four types to portrait position, that is the Qwerty keypad, 3x4 Keypad, Handwritting Boxes 1 and Handwritting box 2. For landscape position there is a full QWERTY keyboard.

Despite having only a 3-inch screen, but to do typing, we have no trouble. For those of you who have large fingers can use the keyboard in landscape position.

For business contact, Samsung Galaxy Y has been able to integrate your Gmail account, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft Exchange, and the Samsung account. You are not limited to include a contact number. You can do a Swipe at contact to the left to call and to the right for SMS, a practical way is not it?

Each contact has four tabs, namely Info, History, Activities, and Media.

Galaxy Y can send messages like SMS, MMS, Email, and IM. To write the MMS you just insert the media (images, video, audio, etc.) when writing a message.

For the email problem, Galaxy Y is equipped with Google's email is Gmail. It looks as simple as congenital other Android phones. You can also enter other email accounts manually.

For instant messaging there Gtalk as default IM application. If you want to use another IM app, go directly to the Android Market for downloading.

Samsung successor to Galaxy Mini is equipped with a camera resolution 2 MP fixed focus, without a flash. Yes, as already written above, Galaxy Y has decreased compared to the Galaxy Mini-resolution camera. Features that are pinned the shooting mode, scene modes, brightness, timer, resolution, white balance, effects, metering, quality, guidelines, reviews, GPS, shutter sound, reset. You must insert the memory card to be able to use the camera feature.

Results for indoor camera noise looks somewhat disturbing, and the colors look less bright. For the outdoor images look good and quite detailed, though still looks less bright colors.

Video Recorder
For the video recorder, camera in Galaxy Y is capable of recording up to resolution QVGA 320x240 15fps. Existing features such as recording mode, brightness, timer, resolution, white balance, effects, video quality, guidelines, review, reset.

Gallery menu look like the other Android devices. Shown with a 3D effect if we move the device to the left or right. Gallery displaying images and video. Performance to open the picture and video is quite, because we experienced a slight lag when entering the gallery.

For zooming can be done in three ways, namely, pinch and zoom, tap twice on the screen, and zoom buttons.

Video Player
In unit have we tests, we did not find the video icon in the menu. So our conclusions can be played through the gallery video. Video player of Galaxy Y is capable of playing MP4 files, but to 720p can not be played. We tested the Avi files and WMV video format also can not be played.

Music Player
The music player on the Galaxy Y is distinctive of Android, and sound support channel 5.1. With this sound system, sound output will have a 3D effect. Surely this feature would feel if you are using a headset. For the output of processed sound, EQ settings are available various types. Quality speakers are fairly good, although felt underpowered at maximum volume.

The songs that exist in the device will automatically divided into four groups, namely artists, albums, songs, and playlists. Display song is played similar to the view that there is at IOS. Also displays album art of the song being played. If the song has no album art is drawing interest will be his successor. The music player is also work when you insert a memory card.

FM radio
To listen to the radio you are required to plug a headset in advance which functions as an antenna. Exodus radio can be heard through the headset or loudspeaker. Radio in Galaxy Y can also display information from the broadcast were arrested, but for this feature also depends on the ability of the radio channel you're tuned into.

Default Applications
In our Galaxy Y tests, we only found Quickoffice applications already installed. Quickoffice version is installed is the free version, so you can not create new files.

Galaxy Y running on a Quad Band GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz and HSDPA 900/2100 MHz (7.2Mbps). For local connectivity there is WiFi 802.11 b / g / n and Bluetooth v3.0. You can also use the WiFi Tethering feature on Galaxy Y. There is also a GPS to connect to the satellite Galaxy Y.

To connect to a PC or just charging, there is a microUSB port. MicroSD slot is located inside the back cover and can accommodate up to 32GB capacity.

Fairly good performance of the browser can display web pages properly although only on-screen measuring 3 inches. But to read clearly, you have to do pinch zooming, due to limited resolution so if in zoom out position, the text will look blurry.

Browser support multitab up to four tabs simultaneously.

Browser on a smartphone is still not received support flash, so you can not play Youtube videos on the desktop version.

Quadrant Standard: above 1000 points
Neocore 3D: 42.0 FPS
Multitouch Test: maximum 2 touch
AnTuTu: 1744 points

Battery Life
Galaxy Y smartphone has a battery capacity of 1200mAh. These batteries are said to be able to survive up to 5 hours Talk Time on the 3G network and 350 hours of Stand-by on the 3G network. Based on our test unit, the battery can be practically qualified to support your activities.

Samsung GT-S5360 Galaxy Y

As the successor generation of the Galaxy in a low-end, the Galaxy Y is worth to get the thumb because with the price is only about 1 - 1.5 million rupiah, you've got Android device version 2.3.5 and 832MHz processor. Quite tempting is not it?

• Big Processors for its class
• Good Performance
• Elegant Design
• Reasonable price
• Small and compact form

• The quality of screens that are less well
• not hotswap memory Slots
• Decrease the resolution of the camera from the previous generation

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  1. Samsung Fails in Smart Phones Because Instead of Increasing Features it Reduces the Features in New Models as Compared to Old Ones. As Galaxy Mini Had an Accelerometer and 3M.P Camera While Galaxy Y S5360 Does Not have an accelerometer and features a 2M.P Camera. They are Making Bad Combinations of Upgrading Certain Features and Downgrading Others at The Same Time