Facelock: Lock your Phone with Face


Techno lovers wants phone secure and not accessible to anyone? Give the password / password that was used, as well as the pattern or image patterns such as Android is already stale. Perhaps it is time for you to use your own face as a way to unlock phones.

The system is fairly easy, take pictures of your face through the front of the camera phone, then make it into the authentication to access your phone. But it also has a flaw, when others have a photo you stay fit then only because the system used is a photo analyzer and not face the real scanner.



This facial recognition application called Facelock and created by software developers during the event Nokia innovators Hack-a-thon last year. Originally developed on Symbian OS 3 and is currently only compatible with the new Nokia phones such as the N8 and E7. Looks like cell phones in the future could only get the real device scan complete face up to a retinal scan to scan fingerprints accurately.

Nokia Facelock v1.0 v5 S^1 S^3 SymbianOS9.x signed.sis
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