Review Specifications LG Optimus P698 Dual SIM

LG Optimus P698 Dual SIM

Are you looking for dual sim mobile phone, but would like to also use the Android operating system? Currently Android smartphone LG has issued a series of hers named Optimus Optimus P698 Dual SIM. This android smartphone has dual sim capability on GSM-GSM simultaneously. LG Optimus Dual SIM will be priced under 2 million rupiah, does this Android smartphone dual sim quite feasible for you? Please refer to review below.

Main Specifications :
* 3G 900/2100 MHz, GPRS / EDGE
* 800 MHz processor, GPU Adreno 200, Qualcomm chipset MSM7227T
* Capacitive TFT screen 320 x 480 pixels, 3.2 inches
* 150MB internal memory, 512 RAM
* Camera 3.15 MP, 2048x1536 pixels, autofocus
* Android v 2.3.4 (Gingerbread)
* Battery Li-Ion 1500 mAh

LG Optimus P698 Dual SIM

Design and Body
LG Optimus P698 Dual SIM has dimensions of 113.5 x 59 x 12.1 mm and weighing about 122 grams. The form looks simple and easy to grip with indentations in the corners. The entire body is made of matte black plastic on the back and glossy on the front frame.

At the front there have earpiece at the top, proximity sensors in addition to the LG logo, screen, three Android standard buttons and one button to replace the SIM (this button can be used anywhere in menu). On the back there are only a camera. On the left there is a volume button. On the right there is a micro USB hole. And on the top there is a 3.5 mm headset hole and keypad lock / power. On bottom there is a microphone hole .

Arrangement of keys on the LG Optimus Dual SIM at a glance similar to the arrangement of keys on the Optimus One.

Optimus Dual SIM screen is the touch screen TFT capacitive HVGA 320x480 pixel resolution 3.2-inch 256K colors. Classified as good quality screen, the display bright and sunny slope angle of view is also widespread, either viewed from an oblique degrees though.

LG Optimus Dual SIM using Android Gingerbread version 2.3.4. Like the Optimus Pro and the Optimus Hub, the homescreen can seat up to 7 pages that can be added various items such as widgets, shortcuts, and folders.

Arrangement of icons on the menu can be changed appearance. Like the look of Category, Page, and List. The icons in the menu is organized in a solid black background. Icons are also can be set in accordance with the wishes of his position. You can also add new categories to group the icons you want to unite in Category view.

To view the incoming notification, the notification bar can be raised by way of sweeping the screen from top to bottom. There is also the name of the operator that fills the SIM 1 and SIM 2, menus and mini music player connectivity for quick access.

Text Input
In the default condition LG Optimus Dual SIM there are only a LG keyboard innate. LG keyboard can be used for handwriting, but still less qualified to use.

Contacts menu is filled with four tabs, consisting of the tab Dial, Call Log, Contacts, and Groups. You can import contacts from an SD memory and synchronization of MS Exchange account, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and Google. Actually Contacts menu and menu Dial has the same contents, only differentiated by highlighting the first tab and icons only.

As in other Android smartphones, perform a simple Messaging menu. When you enter will be served inbox as well as the New Message button. SMS editor appears with the format threading / chat. To change the message into an MMS, simply select the image button paperclip to insert a variety of content such as images, videos, music, and more.

Default email application, Gmail also comes with a simple display as well as with various advantages. One of these applications support multiple google accounts. For those who have other email accounts, you can also set it in the Email menu with manual settings.

To chat applications there are Android Talk Application, there are also third party applications eBuddy and eBuddy XMS. To use any other messenger application you can easily download it directly from the Android Market.

LG Optimus Dual SIM equipped with 3.15 MP resolution camera, 2048x1536piksel with auto focus, no flash. Existing features such as: ISO, White Balance, Color Effects, Timer, Image Quality, Auto Review, Shutter Sound, Tag Location, Zoom, Brightness, Scene, Image Size. Camera Menu can not be used this to take pictures until you insert a memory card.

The images generated for image capture in the room looks pretty good, does not arise disturbing noise. Autofocus performance is also good, can display text clearly. For shooting outdoors photo results are also good looks bright.

LG Optimus P698 Dual SIM

Video Recorder
To feature video recording, camera LG Optimus Dual SIM can record up to VGA resolution of 640x480 with 24 fps framerate. Existing features include: White balance, Color effects, Video Quality, Audio recording, Auto review, Zoom, Brightness, Video Size, and Duration. Recording the results saved in. Mp4

Gallery menu appears with characteristic Android with 3D display as well as the effect if driven into a certain direction. Photos and videos that exist on the device will be displayed in this gallery. At the time of rendering the image, the performance of the phone is quite good.

You can do minor editing like croping, rotate the photo and use it as wallpaper directly from here.

Photos can also be shared through Bluetooth, Email, Gmail, Messaging, Picasa, Social +, ebuddy XMS, Smart Share. To make the process of zooming can be done in three ways, namely, pinch and zoom, double tap on the screen, and use the zoom button.

Video Player
To play a video can be done through the gallery and video player menu. Video player at LG Optimus Dual SIM Android comes with a standard which only contained Backward button, Play / Pause, and Fast Forward. Video format that can play the MP4 file format, AVI, and WMV. For 720p resolution video can not be played on this device.

Music Players
The music player comes with a standard view of Android. There are four standard tabs namely Artist, Albums, Songs, Playlists. The music player on the Optimus Dual SIM is absent features like equalizer settings sound output.

As already exist in other LG smartphone, you can play music anywhere (even on the menu lock screen) without having to enter Music menu in advance, by accessing the mini music player menu in the notification window. This music player can only be used after you insert a memory card.

FM radio
With the radio feature, you can still listen to your favorite radio station wherever you are. As with other mobile phone that has a radio feature, you must plug the headset in advance which functions as an antenna. There is a save feature channels, listen via loudspeaker, mute, and off.

Default Applications
For default applications on Optimus Dual SIM phones have applications such as:
* EBuddy, the application icon for the chat is apparently just a shortcut to the Android Market. So you must download it first.
* EBuddy XMS, like eBuddy serves as a chat application, but with the ability to send media files such as pictures, video and emoticons.
* LG Smart World, applications from LG that offers a variety of content. But you have to download the application first, because there is only a shortcut icon.
* Polaris Viewer, an editing office applications. This application simply editing alone can not create new files.
* Remote Call, to control the phone from another device
* SmartShare, to send files to other devices wirelessly.

LG Optimus Dual SIM runs on Quad Band network GSM / GPRS / EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz and HSDPA 900/2100 MHz (3.6 Mbps). For local connectivity there is Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, DLNA, a-GPS, Bluetooth v3, 0.

For connection to a PC there is a micro USB port which is also useful for charging the battery. MicroSD slot on the inside of backdoor that can accommodate up to 32GB capacity.

For SIM installed in slot 2 only supports connections up to EDGE. If you're making a call on one SIM then the other SIM could not be contacted / called. You can also turn off one network SIM.

Optimus P698 Dual SIM brower Performance is quite good when we open a website mobile version. For the full version can also be opened without the constraint, its movement is quite smooth.

This browser multitab support up to 8 tabs. Browser on Optimus Dual SIM not support flash content.

Quadrant Standard : 879 points
Neocore 3D : 54.9 fps
Multitouch Test : maximum of 2 touches

Battery Life
With the 1500mAh capacity battery, the battery is quite capable. For a single charger under normal use can last from 1 to 1.5 days. Given this device supports Dual SIM on the same time, which certainly suck big enough battery power.

LG Optimus P698 Dual SIM

If you're looking for Android smartphones that have the ability Dual SIM GSM-GSM, LG Optimus Dual SIM is very feasible for you to have. Because with the price not too high you've got a good smartphone capabilities such as, autofocus camera, the screen is clear, and others. And keep in mind this smartphone also released by a vendor who already has a name in the electronics field.

Excess :
* Dual SIM Capability good
* The battery capacity is large
* Screen clarity

Shortage :
* Small capacity Internal memory
* No flash

LG Optimus P698 Dual SIM

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