Review Specifications Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus - P6200

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus - P6200

Continuing the success of Samsung's first Android tablet the Galaxy Tab P1000, Samsung released the successor of the 7-inch tablet namely Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus - P6200, this tablet has a range of plus-plus compared GalaxyTab P1000, among others, are thinner and lighter (9.9 mm, 345g vs 12mm, 380g), larger RAM (1GB vs. 512MB), dual core processor 1.2 GHz, the operating system Honeycomb 3.2, 3MP camera and 720p video recording. While in terms of using a 7-inch screen with a resolution of 1024x600 pixels, the same as the Galaxy Tab P1000. What about performance and ability, whether in accordance with the price?

Design and Body
As a 7-inch tablet, viewed from the front, design Tab 7 + similar to Tab P1000. Except in the side of the body which is surrounded list with silver color. So more or less like GTab 10.1. Except in the back of the Samsung logo seen in portrait. The back is a glossy white color, although it makes the display to be cool but the glossy material famous dirty easily. At the front there are no buttons at all, not uncommon for these tablets using Honeycomb OS. On the left side there is a SIM card slot and Micro SD slot, while the right side there is the power button and volume as well as an infrared port, a bit strange considering the infrared has been rarely used. At the top there is a 3.5mm audio jack on the bottom while the proprietary Samsung charger port GTab like any other, it is enough to make complicated because the micro USB is not present in this tablet. Stereo speakers are at the bottom, in our opinion it is better placed in the left and right speakers when the tablet is held horizontally to watch a movie or a sensation of stereo video clip.

Galaxy Tab 7 + using PLS LCD type with brightness levels and viewing angle is better than standard LCD. 7-inch screen is given a resolution of 1024x600 pixels, exactly the same as the Galaxy Tab P1000, so it has the sharpness of pixels 169.55 pixels per inch, more or less sharp with the Galaxy Tab 8.9 with resolution of 1280x800 pixels. The screen does look better in color than the Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000, while watching the video will be felt once the quality of the screen, clear, nice and good views. Good viewing angle for the LCD size, except when viewed from above. When in the sun what is displayed on the screen is still visible. Screen of Galaxy Tab 7 + has several modes such as Dynamic, Standard and Movie, perfect for watching movies.

With TouchWiz UI UX looks a little customization than other Honeycomb tablets. On the homescreen which consists of 5 pages, you can add widgets, application shortcuts, wallpaper and other such specific contact, certain settings and others through ''+'' icon on the far right of the screen. Then there was the search menu on the far left above, as well as with the Home button and back in the bottom left of the screen, in a similar area of ​​the taskbar in Windows that appear in all applications. Everything is so that the tablet Honeycomb does not require any button on the taskbar around the screen so it is necessary to return to the homescreen and the previous menu. At the bottom left there is also a key Most recent apps and screenshots button.

To display the main menu of this tablet in two parts, namely All Downloaded Apps and Apps. Notification center, clock, battery indicator does not like the Android smartphone to those presented above, the tablet Honeycomb under display makes tablets more and more like computers. At the center of this notification there is a setting screen brightness level, access to the "Settings" shortcut, shortcut access WiFi, GPS, and auto rotation profiles that allow you to use these tablets. With the appearance of a small notification then the incoming email from GMail may be overlooked because of its iconic small compared to the size of the screen is GTab 7 +. "Could" overthrow the taskbar to display some shortcuts.

Generally speaking frankly on the Honeycomb user interface looks pretty heavy, as evidenced in tablet dual core 1.2 GHz processor and 1Gb of RAM like the Galaxy Tab 7 + still feel lag when shifting the homescreen, and out of the menu or main menu, though lagnya not too distracting.

Text Input
Existing text input such as : Android keyboard, the Samsung keyboard, and keyboard Talkback. To select the input method is fairly easy, no keyboard icon in the taskbar to select the input method that is available there is even a shortcut to arrange access each input method. With a 7-inch capacitive screen, certainly easier to type in portrait or landscape mode. To make the text easy to select, please hold the screen in the desired text and then drag and just choose the option cut, copy and put on the clipboard.

7-inch tablet can be used to make calls or receive calls, directly using the phone earpieces positioned properly in general, at the top, although it would be very awkward if you use a tablet to make calls. But in fact it is working fine, but the voice sounded across the tiny earpiece, plus this tablet does not have a proximity sensor so that when you put the tablet into the ear, er, we mean your cheeks, the screen is not dead but still on.

With a large screen to see the ranks of contacts is now easier, a contact list on the left and contact details appear on the right side. While options categories, search bar, new contacts and settings on the top. As always you can synchronize your contacts with your social networking account.

To Book Galaxy Tab 7 + have SMS, eMail, Gmail and GTalk to chat. As in the contact and display the menu in general on the tablet, the screen is divided into two parts, a list of SMS and SMS content. Inter face is very intuitive with icons that are clear and look like a chat SMS (threaded style). Display letters can even be resized.

Similarly with GMail, GMail look at Honeycomb tablet more intuitive and better than on Android phones, where all the folders (starred, Important, chat, Outbox, drafts and others at the top left. You can do a search, and manual refresh to compose an email with the icon. For existing arrangements include priority inbox, sync option, notification and signature. Google Talk itself is roughly equal to the difference unless the look of Android alone. Its features include automatic sign in, IM notif, video block chat and friend.

Generally GTab 7 + camera is easy to use because the screen is great. Resolution camera Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 + is quite plain that is 3.2MP. Its interface GTab 7 + looks much simpler than the Samsung Galaxy S.

Generally GTab 7 + camera is easy to use because the screen is big. Resolution camera Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 + is 3.2MP. Its interface GTab 7 + looks much simpler than the Samsung Galaxy S. Existing features such as: flash, edit the shortcut, single shot, smile shot, panoramic, Action shoot, cartoon, scene modes, exposure, focus mode (auto, macro), timer, effects, resolution, white balance, metering, outdoor visibility, geotag, storage and guidelines. To select the focus simply touch the object on the screen (touch to focus).

Tab 7 Plus the camera is pretty good, but when compared with a cell phone camera results quite different. With 3.2 MP resolution, the resulting color is quite nice and natural, with sufficient detail for the size of 3.2MP, but when shooting indoors or low light conditions the picture is a lot of noise. But the LEDs flash at least not enough to help shooting indoors.

Video Recording
For maximum video recording resolution supported by the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 + HD 720p (1280x720 pixels) with features that are pretty much like: flash, edit the shortcut, recording mode, exposure, timer, effects, resolution, white balance, outdoor visibility, storage and guidelines. Before or during video recording running you can do with the Touch focus to focus.

The results of the video recording format .Mp4 with 720p resolution. Per minute of video spending 80MB storage, large enough. Bitratenya more with framerate 11 000 kbps 27 frames per second and 63 kbps mono audio recording. Just like on the camera, video recording in low light conditions fulfilled excessive noise.

Photo and Video Gallery
Honeycomb style gallery that uses three-dimensional effects that follow the phone accelerometer present in the Galaxy Tab 7 Plus. You can see the info, rotate the image, making it as wallpaper or a profile picture, crop, print, copy and Motion. For the choice of sharing you can simply make sharing images and videos to the Social Hub, Email, Bluetooth, WiFi and others. Display pictures of pretty sharp and quick when you do the scrolling. Thumbnails of the photos in a same folder appears below, allows you to explore the photo gallery.

GTab screen is pretty good 7 + makes it perfect when viewing HD video formats 720p/1080p .Mp4 is supported by this tablet. Video .Mp4 downloaded Youtube of course read with ease, as well as video. Mkv and its subtitle 720p. There is a color tone options (normal, warm, cloud) to watch the video according to your taste. Then there are also outdoor visibility function that makes the screen brighter and suitable for outdoor use.

Music Players
Divided into several categories such as songs, playlists, albums, artist, genre, folder, Composers and year, make music player GTab 7 + complete enough for sharing this type of songs. The song is playing can be performed with small size on the right side of the screen or fullscreen. There are songs that you can make ringtones, share via bluetooth or email and DLNA. For you who like to listen to the song before going to sleep there is a pretty handy feature is Auto Music spun off where the song will stop automatically according to the time you choose.

For the equalizer options available and complete enough: pop, rock, jazz, classic, dance, and live. Plus you can create your own equalizer settings according to the SQ (sound quality) that you need. Still there are also additional effects such as wide voice, concert hall, music clarity, bass enhancement and externalisasi and features 5.1 channel, 5.1 channel option but this can not be applied simultaneously with the equalizer and other sound effects. Equalizer and sound effects can only be heard when you plug in a headset, even so the loudspeaker output Gtab 7 + is pretty good and tight thanks to the use of two loudspeakers.

This tablet runs on Quadband GSM networks and HSDPA. In addition, the local connectivity is a-GPS, Bluetooth 2.1, WiFi a / b / g / n dual band complete with tethering feature. What is unfortunate is the data cable connectivity using different ports with most smartphones / Android tablet that uses a mini USB or micro USB.

Web Browser
Samsung Galaxy Tab Browser can open a tab to a maximum of 22 pieces, to explore the virtual world in mobile I believe it's already more than enough. The initial view of the browser to showing some thumbnails of websites that you visit most often. When performing a Youtube video streaming directly from the browser, displayed 720p video smoothly, and perfectly smooth, but when playing back 1080p video to lag somewhat. Even so is redundant if you play a 1080p video on-screen tablet that only 1024x600 pixels and measures just 7 inches. Performance when playing back 720p video is very stable, more stable when compared to the Android phone dual core though. When discroll video is still spinning smoothly. Performance when opening the site full version is also fast and smooth, giving the experience a pleasant surf on the tablet.

This browser also has many features like Incognito tabs (new tab where anything you do on this tab will not be recorded in history, cookies, etc.), feature synchronization with Google Chrome, and standard features such as javascript, set the search engine that wants used, load images, auto fit page, and others.

Default Applications
Applications installed on the tablet Honeycomb include AllShare (for sharing of multimedia content in Gtab 7 + to DLNA certified devices such as LCD TV only), Memo, MyFiles, Pen Memo (application to write a memo with handwriting and drawing your own), Photo Editor, Nokia App, Social Hub, Task Manager and Maps (version 5.9.0).

Third-party applications
Mobo Player
Although the default video player Galaxy Tab 7 Plus is a full-featured, there is no harm in installing this one application. With this application a variety of other formats unreadable default video player can be played with ease as long as the resolution and did not exceed the innate ability bitratenya GTab 7 Plus.

Fruit Ninja
This popular game looks more leverage than 7-inch screen on the phone screen, but somehow not so smooth and responsive.

The results of benchmarking
Quadrant Standard: 1780 points
Multitouch Tester: a maximum of 10 touches

Battery Life
Approximately tablet battery can last between 9-10 hours with occasional use of standards such as browsing, listening to music and watch video and use the screen brightness conditions most poll.

As a tablet with the same price like GTab 8.9. Despite the smaller screen, but for a mobile user can choose these tablets seem, after all these tablets can be used to call even though it will look odd to call a 7-inch tablet.

Excess :
* Dual speakers
* PLS screen clear
* Can call
* Thin and lightweight design
* Good performance of the browser

Shortage :
* Not use universal ports such as mini or micro USB
* The performance of the UI is not so smooth
* Long Charging the battery

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