The Term Collection in the Android

Android Device

APK = Android Package, such as IPA in the iPhone (for iPhone users), SIS-Symbian s60, or JAR in BB (BB-user) and other devices based java .. Essentially, files with the extension. apk can be used to install applications on android device ..

BRICK (ed) = condition in which the device could not be recovered, and it could be like a brick (brick)

BOOTLOOP = restart occurs continuously (Stuck Boot Logo) = ex = any posts logos samsung Lost IMEI ex = IMEI condition becomes pretty Number 000 000 000 000,, its characteristic features no signal

adb command = command to bridge command in android via the pc .. if adb shell extensions including part .. there are a lot adb command, such as adb push, pull adb, adb adb install etc ... condition can run = adb driver must have been installed in pc ... usually in the device manager (windows) will look andoid composite device adb, adb driver from the vendor of the device's usual .. if nexus, htc magic, dream could use the default driver motorola usb ... if milestones could from luggage or cd use motorola software update ...

adb.exe = can be taken from the SDK (already include in the android SDK) .. in the folder tools, to know the adb command function can be typing "adb help"

adb shell logcat = make know the process that occurs in android, very useful when experiments flashing rom

IMAP = Internet Message Access Protocol, a protocol in addition to retreive POP3 email

POP3 = Post Office Protocol 3, one of the protocol TCP / IP port 110 in the draw email

Widget = one GUI application that it is more interactive, is on your screen

GUI = Graphical User Interface, application interfaces that are more graphic (picture?)

GMS = Google Market Services, the download application on the Android (apps store in iphone kayak, appworld on BB)

Root = user the ability to gain access to more and become superuser, superuser, if the Windows administrator (= already rooted in the root)

Rooting = process of becoming root

Apps2SD = The process of moving / save the application to SDCARD in addition to internal memory,

AOSP = Android Open Source Project,

Boot = The process of turning the handheld,

Bootloader = combined SPL and IPL are the basis of a device,

Odin = computer software that is used for flashing (family samsung)

SOC / SuperOneClick = software for rooting,, to my knowledge still to Froyo, but he said Gingerbread OC / Overclock = boost processor capacity above normal capacity, Rooted

Bootloader Mode - fastboot load = Power + Camera button, the boot mode, we can install a system image that is / placed in SDCARD by pressing the Power button again,

Cache2SD = The process of moving / save the Cache from ROM to SDCARD,

Diagnostic Mode = Capture + Power Button. boot mode to test (use the volume keys to select an item),

Normal Mode = Normal turn on the handheld way,

OTA = Over The Air, a method of sending data, the term usually used to update the activity (other terms may be downloading),

Recovery Mode = Home + Power button, the boot mode, we can open shell, flashing image .. .. create a Backup or Restore.

Safe Mode = Menu + Power buttons, handheld boot normally but without the registration with Google, so the application associated with it are not going to work (Map, Gmail accounts, Market, etc.)

Firmware / ROM = set of all software, system, drivers and boot files needed to run the android

Flash / Flashing = The method is carried out to upgrade / downgrade ROM Firmware ..

Kernel = Management of all system drivers and system I / O, so that they can interact with each other.

Multitouch = A touchscreen feature that allows the screen to capture more than one touch input.

= ext2 filesystem used by Linux Kernel, it's like FAT, FAT32 on windows

Beta = A trial version, which means it IS NOT PERFECT

RAM = Random Access Memory, its function is similar to RAM / Memory that exists on the computer

ROM = Read Only Memory, Hard Disk function is the same as in computer

SDCARD = function together with an additional disk (external storage)

Internal storage = storage media which is a partition of the ROM (/ data) - 1 kB = 1024 bytes , 1 MB = 1024 kB

adb = Android Debug Bridge,

Baseband = In the wholesale and signal processing, baseband signals and systems describe the frequency measured from close to 0 Hz to a frequency discount, a maximum bandwidth or highest signal frequency; is sometimes used to describe the frequency of start that is close to zero

Boot Loop = easily mean something to prevent a call from completing the boot cycle and trapped between the boot and unlock screen animation, creating animation repetition. This is often fixed by reloading a Nandroid, or to flash a rom juice recovery

Brick or Bricked = A situation of a tool that can not be restored again as a whole, (not more than a brick or a paperweight)

Software Bug = bug or an error or defect in the software that generates a failure or unexpected results / desired. Dr typically created code that is not true, this is why some lbh ROM runs well and smoothly than others because some developers have taken the time to enter the code that "just right".

= Busybox BusyBox is a single storey call binary package the usefulness of most of the standard Unix tools are used, BusyBox mennyediakan reasonably complete environment for any small system or a terpasan seistem.

ClockworkMod = A recovery program that is often used to install the updates, ROM, or create back-up or restore a data back-up

De-odex = File apk has odex used each developer who intended to save space. Deodexing means you change it back to the data. Dex and put it into the apk. This allows you to easily change the data (it has no concerns about odex), but its main purpose is to deodex to his service. Jar so you can change all the writings to a different color (like hours to white color) and to deodex about. jar, you have to deodex everything.

Dev. or Developer = An individual who create, or modify data in a manner that is intended to make the program better lbh

Flash or Flash Memory = a technology program that interchangeable electrically erase and reprogram

Kernel = Regulator output from the CPU and battery usage, one can upload a specific kernel to achieve a speed capability of the tool lbh good use of them with the same battery

Nandroid or Nandroid Backup = A special file is created in a special recovery program, such as clockworkmod, namely carbon copy of any circumstances telepom andam before drastic changes are made. data can be transferred from or to the SD card for use later if something goes wrong in the ROM or update, or sebuat Boot Loops occur

OS = operating system, ex : Windows Vista or MAC or ANDROID

Overclocking = Increase CPU speed exceeds the benchmark of pabrk lbh tool to achieve fast and responsive lbh

ROM = Read Only Memory, a program used to make changes to everything from the look of the home page, icons, animated boot up special

Root = common words associated with giving users access to "super user" to programming their phones and various other aspects that would normally not have been possible, also known as a "jailbroken" to the iPhone

Shell or SSH = secure shell or SSH is a protocol that allows a network to exchange data using a secure path between two network devices

Stock = The easy means there is no change in conditions, such as when you bought your phone from scratch from Verizon, or when you reset the factory settings. Standard factory today is Android 2.2 (Froyo)

SU = "super user" or root permission

Theme = A group of icons, background image and the tray app that changed the aesthetic of the overall appearance of the droids and their application

Underclocking = slowing CPU especially for bounded battery usage

The types of data
. Apk or GER's = an extension of data. Apk data showed an Android Package (GER), a data. Apk can be opened and reviewed using a common archive

. Tar = Similar to a data "zip", a tar archive data of various data into one data

. Zip = zipped data is used to archive various data into one to save space and allow the downloading of a single

. Pit = Handle partition of the inside SD

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