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Army Sniper

You as a sniper the best of U.S. anti-terrorist organizations must stop the terrorists to steal nuclear information from your country. Army sniper, is a first person shooter game Mobile outputs Words. This application can be downloaded free at Android Market to the size of 4.0MB. We are using version 1.2.

Army Sniper is a game shoot-out two-dimensional simple but interesting. You just need to move your Android device to steer the direction of the enemy sniper. It may take some time to adjust a comfortable position to play.

Army Sniper

At the beginning you will be presented with menus featuring a selection of Story Mode, Continue, Endless Mode is still locked and will open later, Help, Score Board, Option, and the Leader Board.

When it gets into the game, the look of the arena in zoom out position. You simply touch the screen to get into sniper view. Touch the button to the right to begin to shoot, and tap the button to the left to slow the movement of your sniper, so that a more appropriate target. Press the black area to the position of zoom out.

The unfortunate thing in this game you can not take cover from enemy attack. So if you do not quickly kill the enemy, then you will definitely hit. The challenge in this game is to shoot the target accuracy, so you have an enemy right in the area of ​​the body so that the enemy can be shot. Assessment is also a good shot, there is a difference if you shoot the assessment body, legs or head of an enemy. Download Army Sniper Now !

It is unfortunate the font used is rather difficult to read and settings that are less correct English. Two-dimensional display also has two sides, on one side make this game lightly to be executed and the other reduces the pleasure in playing.

Army Sniper game is a shooting game that is simple because you are not bothered with reload rifle and the number of bullets remaining. But because this easy, there are also things forgotten, that you can not take cover from enemy attack. This game is suitable for those of you who like the type of game like this to fill your leisure time.

The use of good akselometer
Simple to play

Fonts and languages ​​that are less well

Army Sniper

Army Sniper

Army Sniper

Army Sniper

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