Download Game Battleground v1.0 for Android

Battleground v1.0 for Android

BattleGround is a user friendly, appropriate action game. It is a RTS (Real Time Strategy) with an advancement system.You are an angry king, arch your troops to abduction territories on a anarchic continent. Anniversary annex performs with different abilities and abilities. You will charge assorted and absolute approach to become invincible. However, specific troops are appropriate for anniversary battle, and old approach and strategies may not acceptable for a new scenario.

Are you ready to challenge !

Battleground Android bold v1.0 Features:

* Pictures: Lovely characters with beautiful moves
* Fighting: Intense and shock
* Advancement system : easy to use and user friendly, up to 16 different army branches
* Catchy agreeable soundtrack and complete effects
* Challenging and nuanced cardinal gameplay

Battleground v1.0 for Android

Requirements: Android 1.5 and up

To download this game please click link below

 Download Link

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