2x Battery - Battery Saver v1.43 | Android Application

Download 2x Battery - Battery Saver Pro v1.43
Reclaim your battery, able & accessible to use

With this app, you can extends the Battery activity easily, and still accumulate the accomplishments abstracts synchronization.
* Manage abstracts affiliation intelligently back accessory is in standby mode
* Won't attenuate the abstracts affiliation back accomplishments abstracts accompany or abstracts manual is active
* Minimum run-time anamnesis footprint
* Support night approach (PRO-only)
* Support Whitelist. Don't abstract the abstracts back whitelisted apps are running
* Fully configurable accredit intervals and settings (PRO-only)
* Option to accumulate affiliation back charging
* Option to accredit Mobile abstracts back awning on or unlocked
* User settings consistently accept priority
* Home awning widgets
* Play complete back awning on or off
* Show accepted Battery level, acclimated Battery back unplugged, estimated abandoned Battery time, etc. information

Requirements: Android 2.1+

To download 2x Battery - Battery Saver v1.43 .apk Android Application please click link below


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