​​Motorola Sell Xoom 400 Dollars and Preparing Xoom 2

​​Motorola Xoom

According to information disclosed by the WSJ, Motorola will begin selling $400 Xoom tablet on Sunday. Xoom tablet will have 16GB of storage media, half of the first generation Xoom has 32 ​​GB storage.

This step is considered late and is not expected to make a difference in the level of product sales. Especially when it has appeared another Android tablet that is cheaper is the Amazon Kindle Fire for 200 dollars. Enthusiasts can also buy iPad tablet which is considered better by adding only 100 dollars.

In addition to selling more affordable Xoom, Motorola likely will officially announce its new tablet is Xoom 2. This announcement will likely take place this week, precisely on October 18, according to an invitation that has proper shipping name.

​​Motorola Xoom

No pricing information sale of both this Motorola Android tablet. However, Motorola has made a promo video of the event on YouTube below:

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