Tutorial Root Samsung Galaxy Mini

Tutorial Root Samsung Galaxy Mini

- Mobile you in a state-full battery (not full well what the origin is not less than 50%)
- Make sure you have installed the driver of the Mini, or use Kies, click HERE or HERE to download.
- Do not mount the SD card when you're connecting your mobile phone to a computer
- Highly recommended that you create backups of important data such as contacts, messages, emails, photos, videos, music, etc..
- Pray before rooting.

What usability superuser? so, it is pointless superuser to grant permission to third-party applications to be installed in our android, it's not all applications require superuser permissions from these, but many applications that deal directly with the system must request permission from the superuser in order to successfully install the android.

Step by step to rooting your Galaxy Mini:
1. Download Super One Click v1.6.5 - Short Fuse by click HERE or HERE.

2. Extract file that was downloaded

3. Connect your galaxy mini with usb to the computer in debugging mode, Do not enter storage mode that appears when connecting to mini usb, go to settings> applications> development> USB debugging checkbox

4. Then open the application Super One Click that had been extracted, if the mobile phone is illegible, then the box will appear as below

Super One Click

5. Click Root, and wait until the Root process is complete. If you are finished and there is a written OK at the bottom, then your Galaxy mini successful Rooted.

6. Look to your Galaxy mini menu, if there are applications in which the pictures of the skull SUPER USER means the mobile phone has been successful in rooting and you have full control over your mini galaxy, but if not there, turn off your mini galaxy and then on again.

Super User

Note: do not be afraid to try, I only had two days had dared to root for my galaxy mini, but before doing the rooting process, pray first so that everything is going well.

For those who have successfully rooting, please try the juice defender applications, to saving battery use your galaxy mini.
To download please click the link below

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