Former CEO Motorola Robert W. Galvin Dies

Former CEO Motorola Robert W. Galvin

After last week's Steve Jobs died, now the tech world again lost an influential innovator. Robert William Galvin, former CEO of Motorola has died peacefully on October 11, 2011 when Chicago at the age of 89.

'Bob' Motorola's Galvin took over from his father, the founder of Motorola, Paul V. Galvin in 1959 and became CEO there for 29 years, and remained as chairman of the next 4 years. During those years he has transformed Motorola, which was named Galvin Manufacturing Corporation, a global technology company with sales approaching $ 11 billion in 1990.

Under his leadership, Motorola became a leader in the world semi-conductor, 2-track radio, military and space communication, and control technologies in the automotive world. And of course, in his tenure Motorola is one of the pioneers of the mobile phone with a demonstration of the first mobile phone systems, DynaTAC, in 1973 and introduced the MicroTAC, the first compact mobile phones in 1989. Peak in 1996 with the board of directors Galvin, Motorola made ​​the first commercial mobile phone that can be placed in bags, StarTac, which eventually evolved into sophisticated smart phones Motorola Droid Bionic and others.

In a press release issued by the family Galvin also noted his disappointment on the Motorola board of directors resign over his son, Christopher Galvin, who was forced out in 2003. Now, Motorola is divided into two: Motorola Solutions and Motorola Mobility. The latter is in the process Google bought for $ 12.5 billion.

Good Bye Bob Galvin, thank you for your extraordinary inovation and change the way the world communicates.

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