Apple Muster 1000 Employees to Create a New Processor

Apple A5 processor

Apple is rumored to have spent about 1,000 people to work and improve the processors used in the homemade device. It is known by TechCrunch that got leaked from a CEO veteran Silicon Valley that spoke with Steve Jobs a few months ago.

According to these executives, the primary key to be achieved is lower power and smaller size. In addition it is said also that the form factor is no longer a problem.

Prior to this, Apple has bought two companies known chip maker. In 2008, Apple bought the company low-power chipmaker PA Semi to design iPhone chips although this remains to be clarified. PA Semi also has made low power chip design based Power architecture that Apple used many years ago. Apple bought a chip company that is no longer a Intrinsity in the year 2010. Small companies are rumored to have worked with Samsung to improve processor performance.

There has been no information from Apple when the new chip will be present. But if it is true that there are 1000 Apple employees that focus on this part, then it is not possible in the coming months will show a new chip that is superior to Apple A5 chips used in Apple's best devices this year.

Apple processor

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