News Death of Steve Jobs in Twitter

News Death of Steve Jobs in Twitter

Steve Jobs news of the death last Thursday spread quickly in cyberspace, with millions of people posting things on social networks to say their condolences and remember the founders of Apple. This is the largest online reaction in internet history.

Jobs deaths produces about 10 thousand tweets per second following the news. For comparison, the previous record was the announcement of pregnancy Twitter Beyonce at MTV VMA 8868 resulting tweet per second. Osama Bin Laden's obituary it only produces 5000 tweets per second.

This information was reported to the company that monitors social media, SR7. They expressed great reaction is not only because of the death of a Steve Jobs, but it is a sign of growth plus Twitter as social networking. Data''of Twitter shows that in 2007, global usage is 5000 tweets per day, very unusual to see more than 5000 tweets per second now every major event.''

To demonstrate the growth of Twitter like crazy, when the death of the mega-popstar Michael Jackson was announced in 2009 and then, there were only 493 tweets per second, it is enough to make the server crash Twitter for some time.

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