HTC Develops Tablet Windows 8 ARM

HTC Develops Tablet Windows 8 ARM

The advantages of Windows 8 that has been heralded by Microsoft apparently managed to attract interest in the HTC, a Taiwanese electronics manufacturing famous. In addition to Android, HTC is apparently interested in developing ARM-based tablet that will run Windows OS 8 when it is launched later.

Rumors are beginning to blow from Eldar Murtazin Twitter page, a blogger from Russia as well as Editor in Chief at website. Tweet of the Eldar Murtazin also reinforces previous rumors that the new processors will be manufactured by HTC Qualcomm.

If so then the HTC could be a major competitor Samsung in developing Windows-based device 8 in the future. Currently the two giant companies are also competing to reach the middle of Windows 7 Phone mobile phone market.

While the advantage for consumers is a tablet that will not run again the old Windows software in the future. Microsoft also has confirmed that Windows 8 will not run on x86 processor-based device but on an ARM processor. This means the tablet Windows 8 will be more difficult is infected with malware and viruses.

What kind of tablet capabilities of Windows 8 is made ​​by HTC? Let's just waiting for development.

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