Samsung Will Leave Windows Phone 7 ?

Samsung Will Leave Windows Phone 7 ?

Currently there are three OS used and developed by Samsung, which is Android, Bada, and Windows Phone. After being rumored that they are interested WebOS and MeeGo denied by Samsung, this time turn Windows Phones are reported to be left behind by Samsung.

Rumors are based on the tweet from SamFirmware, a website dedicated to all the news about Samsung and firmware used by Samsung. Based on the tweet, Samsung says will stop supporting Windows 7 Phone at the end of 2012 and will only release one more device based on Windows 7 Phone prior to the termination of this support.

If you look at the success of Android from the Galaxy series then Samsung has a compelling reason to choose to abandon Windows Phone and focuses on other OS like Android and Bada. But what if Windows 7 Phone proven hugely successful in 2012, whether Samsung will re-adopt this system?

Samsung's own party has not officially commented on the rumors that exhaled by this SamFirmware.

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