Review Specifications HTC Evo 3D

HTC Evo 3D

After review of the LG Optimus Pro C660, now we had one Android phone with 3D screen. HTC Evo 3D. Compared to Optimus 3D phone, this device has a screen with larger resolution. But, how about multimedia, camera results, performance, etc.? Features of this phone is one of the highest in the realm of an Android phone, with dual core 1.2 GHz processor, 1GB RAM, GPU Adreno 220, and 4.3-inch screen resolution of 960x540 pixels.

Sales package :
* Quick Guide
* Warranty Card
* Handsfree standard
* Micro USB Charger and Data Cable

Design and Body

The phone has an above-average weight of Android smartphones in general, 170 grams. But considering its 3D competitors who both sailed 4.3-inch, LG Optimus 3D is also quite heavy, 168 grams, this seems a reasonable thing, given the 3D mobile phone with dual cameras like these require two camera modules to take 3-dimensional image. The front of a typical mobile phone HTC since HTC Desire, with 4 touch buttons are round-round. Although there are still parts made of metal but the back cover of the battery or the phone is mostly made of plastic serrated like Samsung phones. Stereoscopic dual camera which is decorated with a red list and LED flash in the midst of making this phone will look unique when seen. A micro USB port and audio jack that came with this phone naked without the cover. Meanwhile, large-sized camera button making it easier for you to take photographs to be more stable. On the right the camera button is a button to change the image or the 3D camera to a 3-dimensional effect.


Like its competitors Optimus 3D, 3D EVO also use an LCD type display. Despite the large size and high resolution, 4.3 inch LCD cell phone with a resolution of 960x540 pixels produces density 256.15 pixels per inch, which the LG Optimus 3D with the same big screen and a resolution of 800x480 pixels (216.97 ppi) so that the phone's screen is more sharp. But overall the screen is less privileged, although the color produced is quite natural and beautiful when viewed from the correct angle. If you look at the oblique angle only slightly, the color will fade. Contrast is not too high, for this one type of Super LCD, IPS, NOVA, let alone the Super AMOLED much better, although the types of LCD screens like the HTC EVO 3D tend to be more natural, see picture below, the Super AMOLED looks bluish. But if you talk about the resolution, the resolution of QHD is a distinct advantage for the HTC Evo 3D, especially when you open a website full site.

HTC Evo 3D


You certainly understand that HTC always tried to give her the Android experience is different and unique compared to other vendors, with the HTC Sense interface version 3.0. The interface is completely different from the standard Gingerbread phones like the Nexus series customization and other vendors. Although different and filled with interesting effects, such as 3D effects and fast scrolling on the Home Screen, but we do not feel the lag at all, really smooth.

Like the HTC Sensation, in a state when the screen is locked, you can easily get into the application you want. How, by dragging and put the application icon you want to be on the homescreen to the bottom of the screen where there is a half circle and navigate the application icon into the circle, and the application will automatically open. This is very useful for example when you need to shoot quickly and the phone is locked, you can simply insert the camera application icons just to the circle.

Homescreen on the HTC EVO 3D displays in 3D without the tip, where if you are to lead to a screen at the end, it will return again to the first screen, continues to spin. Various personalization on the homescreen, among others, the Scene, Skin, Wallpaper, lock screen, widgets, shortcuts and access to applications that will appear in the lockscreen as we mentioned above. Notification bar did not escape the customization, where there is an application that you open before, and quick settings for quick setup for WiFi, WiFi Hotspot, Bluetooth, GPS and Flight Mode, as well as information available RAM.

For the main menu, the application icon that is included is 4 columns x 5 lines. The main menu is divided into three namely All Apps to all existing applications, Frequent apps (asterisk), and downloaded apps. In addition there is the thumbnail mode is also available list mode. To be in the format of alphabetical sorting (AZ), Most recent and date (oldest). If you press one of the application icon, you can drag the icon to the homescreen.

Text Input

EVO text input method in 3D there are three types: Thai keyboard, Touch input and Vietnamese IME. For touch input keyboard there are three types to choose from, among others: Standard (QWERTY), Phone (ABC) and Compact (QW ER TY). In addition there are bilingual prediction feature, Chinese text input, trace the keyboard and personal dictionary.


The use of contact on this phone is quite different from other Android phones, and at first glance seems more complicated, but not really. At the time of opening up you will be prompted to choose whether to synchronize contacts with Facebook contacts or not. But not all of your Facebook friends show, which featured only our friends who put a phone number in the Info on Facebook alone. You can also open applications "People" to see the whole of your contacts that are synced with Facebook, Twitter, and other accounts. To write a new contact, details of which you can add is email, internet call, group, event, birthday, IM, postal address, organization, notes and website.


Standard SMS and MMS can be done easily thanks to an intuitive interface. To e-mail, every Android phone and connected so that there must be present with the perfect push notification. With many features in it, very useful for you who frequently use the eMail. Talk features available to you that use GTalk, but since very few people who use it we recommend third-party applications such as WhatsApp, YM, and Facebook for you who like chatting.


HTC EVO 3D is equipped with two 5-megapixel camera is its function to take pictures and video with 3D effects. However, when taking photos with 3-dimensional effect that is picked up only 2 MP alone, lost with the LG Optimus 3D stereoscopic 3MP can retrieve files. Now we will discuss the standard 5MP camera first. For quite a lot of settings, there is a self timer, image adjustment, white balance, ISO, resolution, geo-tagging, auto focus, face detection, flash and effects are quite interesting such as vintage, dots, distortion, grayscale, sepia and other other. The most interesting is the effect of depth of field, where you can focus on an area or areas that you can customize your own, so that only the camera's focus to that area and the rest blur, resulting in considerable artistic photos. Camera interface is quite easy to use, as well as the camera itself, thanks to the touch feature to focus and camera buttons are great. Front camera with a resolution of 1280x720 pixels.

The camera results quite mediocre, for cloudy weather or lack of light results are somewhat purplish. However easy it is doing a macro mode via touch focus and support large physical camera button makes it easy to take good photographs. For details pretty good, in excess light conditions the camera can reach 1.6MB.

3D camera

To switch to the 3D camera mode you only need to press the 3D button is located next to the camera shutter button. Generally its the same with non-3D camera, it's just that there is no Face Detection, and there are options for the type of files generated, ie. Jps or. MPO. Depth of Field Effects and Vintage disappeared from the 3D camera. Unlike the 3D camera on the LG Optimus 3D feature packed 3D Depth control (which regulates the depth of 3D at will) HTC EVO 3D is no such feature.

The results of the 3D camera of 2MP. Two of these cameras can not seem to take 3D photos in macro mode because after all settings are definitely the result is very shaded. For the normal distance that good course, an illusion of three-dimensional effects come out clearly in the file. MPO generated by twin HTC EVO 3D camera.

Video Recorder

Although this phone is dual core processor which enables 1080p video recording, it turns out the default video recorder can only record up to 720p. Features include image adjustmen, white balance, resolution, stereo recording, record audio and shutter sound, and flash and effects such as solarize, posterize, aqua and others. Touch focus can be performed while doing the video recording, so you can record the macro mode.

Results Video Recorder nice and clear but in a light room the results are less broken. The resulting bitrate 4000kbps and frameratenya 23 frames per second, whereas the high-end Android phones on average was 30 frames per second.

3D Video Recorder

Just like a camera, you switch to 3D mode by pressing the 3D button. Its exactly the same as a standard video recorder, but no resolution options by default even though the maximum resolution as a standard video recorder that is 720p. Touch focus is also available while recording, although somewhat difficult to draw a 3D three-dimensional video with macro mode.


Photo galleries and videos that exist on this phone is not the standard gallery of Android phones that are sensitive to shake the phone. Divided into four parts, namely, Camera shots, 3D photos and videos, All photos and videos All. There is no dedicated 3D galleries like Optimus 3D. Files with the 3D format is marked with the words in each thumbnailsnya 3D. 3D effects are seen on this phone look sharper and more colorful than the Optimus 3D, probably because the larger screen resolution, although there remains the reduction of resolution when viewing files with the illusion of three-dimensional effect. Visibility to see the photo / video 3D may differ with each person, but I can see the 3D effect perfectly at a distance of 20 cm. To view the 3D images in a common format is quite touching the 3D icon on the far right of the screen.

Video Player

Identical to the photo gallery, to view 3D video in standard 2D format simply touch the 3D icon on the right end of the screen. Video player SRS wow effect for better sound and impressive surround. You can directly cut from the video player on the phone. 2D video format that can play mp4 from Youtube, among others, up to 1080p can be rotated smoothly, although not quite fair because it can record 1080p video processor but this phone is dual core. Format divx / avi legible, but the subtitle formats. Srt is not legible. The file. Mkv is not readable at all by Gallery congenital phone.

Music Players

This music player is not the typical music player Android music player but with lots of HTC touch. Categories including: Artist, Albums, Playlist, All songs, Genres, Composers, and Puchased each position can be set as you like. Album art appears large, which can direct you update from your phone. As usual if you play music in the bar looks notifications (can only be in-pause, there is no next or previous button).

The sound effects are available, among others, the SRS enhancement for virtual sound effects and equalizer with several options. Output generated by the loudspeaker sound harsh but somewhat shrill. Whereas if you hear his voice through the headset is pretty good and certainly more pronounced effect of SRS, let alone equalizer that it can only be activated when using a headset.

FM radio

To play the radio we must plug the headset as an antenna to the radio. There is a scanning facility on FM radio this phone.


EVO 3D comes with a fairly complete connectivity, such as Quadband GSM network 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 and HSDPA. For local connectivity, no WiFi 802.11 b / g / n with DLNA and WiFi tethering, other than that this phone has A-GPS and Bluetooth 3.0. WiFi Tethering / Hotspot quite easy to be activated because there is a notification bar at the Quick Settings.

Web Browser

Excellence in web browser is 960x540 pixels resolution is very pronounced. If your eyes are healthy, you do not need to zoom in to see small letters when the browser displays full site.Tab sites that can be opened by the browser only a maximum of only 4 tabs, is quite a bit considering the capabilities of this phone is powerful enough to 1.2 GHz dual core processor and 1GB of RAM. Zooming can be done with pinch and zoom, if you zoom out, it will carry over to the choice of windows. Settings as the default browser Android phones, such as pop ups, mobile view, javascript, images, cache, history, text encodings, cookies etc.. Mobile browser is certainly supports flash, flash video from Youtube at 1080p can only be played with quite fluent and smooth, scrolling web pages while playing the flash file was still relatively smooth.

Default Applications

HTC default application as usual quite a lot, such as Connected Media, Dock Mode, Flashlight, Friend Stream, Maps version 5.6.2, Peep, Plurk, Polaris Office, Watch and many more.

For games there is The SIMS 3, NFS Shift and 3D Spiderman but to Spiderman game you need to download additional data that is large enough more than 200MB to play the game. All games are games with 3D format, and before playing advice is to not play for long using the 3D illusion effect. In each game there is an option 3D depth, and can also be disabled. See the following video:

Third-Party Applications

Mobo Player
With this application file. Mkv is in the Gallery congenital illegible become unreadable. The file. Mkv 720p resolution sized 500MB successfully running quite smoothly though sometimes there frameskip. Similarly, the subtitle formats. Srt, subtitle player in the motherboard can be read without having to set the subtitle sync with the film.

Camera 360
Application of the camera by using a wide range of effects is suitable for you who like taking pictures with mobile phones. Very interesting effects, such as Lomo, HDR, Tilt Shift, color shift and others.

Go Launcher
Although Sense UI is very nice, this is an alternative to you. Heavy effects such as 3D scrolling and others appear with smooth 3D on HTC EVO.

Benchmarking Results

Quadrant Standard: 1818 points
Neocore 3D: 60 frames per second
Multitouch Tester: up to 4 touch

Battery Life

With a large screen high-resolution coupled with a dual core processor 1.2 GHz, do not be surprised if HTC EVO complete 3D with 1730 mAh battery. We reviewed the EVO 3D with a new screen off (stand by) after 10 min and allowed to stand with a maximum brightness, this phone last from 9 am to 2 pm prior to a low batt.


With the price of almost Rp. 6 million, the actual value offered fairly balanced, but when compared to other flagship Android phones such as SGS II from HTC itself that is the HTC Sensation and especially fellow 3D mobile phone, LG Optimus 3D where all prices under HTC EVO 3D, the phone is arguably for you HTC fans who want to try to feature stereoscopic 3D. You can plusnya Android phone with a screen resolution of maximum current, at least before the Galaxy Nexus and Note was released, and especially the 3D display much sharper and clearer than its competitors. Of course plus an attractive interface and smooth performance.

Excess :
* Screen resolution of 960x540 pixels
* 3D display without glasses
* 3D stereoscopic camera with dual LED flash
* 1.2 GHz dual core processor
* Gingerbread
* Performance is stable and smooth and attractive interface

Disadvantages :
* Video recorder 2D only up to 720p
* The angle of vision and the screen contrast level somewhat less
* Body weight
* 3D images only 2MP
* Expensive
* No dedicated collection of 3D applications like Optimus 3D

Video HTC Evo 3D

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