iOS 5 Will Keep Adding New Features to Previous Device

iOS 5

For Lovers Techno is not planning to upgrade to iPhone 4S, take it easy because iOS 5 will still give the addition of new features to your Apple device. This is because Apple makes iOS 5 is a free update for users who are still using the previous device.

Models of devices that can use the iOS 5 is the iPhone 4 and 3GS,  iPad and iPad 2, and third-generation of iPod Touch (32GB & 64GB) and fourth generation. Some features available in iOS 5 only works on iPad 2 or iPhone 4.

This is a list of features that will be present at these upgrades:

* You can use iCloud to synchronize your data between devices Apple, such as music and photos.
* The ability to edit photos directly on the phone. Like remove red-eye, cropping and more.
* iMessage, a new messaging service is only available to users iOS5. iMessage similar to the fuel's Blackberry.
* Built-in Twitter support, without having to download an application Twitter, you can tweet directly from the photo menu, folder, browser and YouTube.
* Notification calls, messages and dates into one in a drop-down panel, or appears briefly at the top of the screen. So you will not feel disturbed by the blue pop up box that stop you.
* Quick access to the camera, simply by double-clicking the home button, even if the phone is in sleep position. Volume button works as the shutter.
* Browser on iPad have a tab, and you can halve and sliding keyboard for easy typing.
* You can create your own typing shortcuts, such as Auto Text in Blackberry.
* On the Mail menu, you can format the words that appear bold, italics, or Underlined.

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