Indonesia Government Disappointed with RIM

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Last Thursday (09/15/2011) Indonesian government held a meeting to discuss the commitment with RIM RIM on January 17, 2011 that then. RIM was represented by Jason Sounderson, RIM's Director of Government Relations. While the Indonesian government was represented by director-level officials and members Kemkominfo BRTI Krisnadi Iwan.

As reported by VIVAnews (15/09/2011), stated that the Indonesian government was disappointed with RIM in the process of developing its network development in Indonesia. As is known, that last January 17, 2011 RIM is committed to filter pornographic content, tapping BB coordination, development of after-sales service, and build the network aggregator.

"We are very disappointed in general, their slow progress," said Gatot S Dewa Broto, Head of Information and Public Relations of the Ministry of Communications and Informatics. "The issue of pornography has gone the way filters. But the three, is still on going ".

Still according to Billy, Kemkominfo will check three commitments related to RIM, is actually already implemented or not. In addition, it also will check into the apparatus, any apparatus that has been coordinated with RIM.

During the meeting, RIM admits running three of their commitment is. But not discussed about the BlackBerry plant construction in Malaysia, and about tax incentives BB.

"The issue that was not in the commitment to RIM on 17 January. Uncomfortable discussing it. So we know ourselves lah "said Billy. "The issue of tax incentives BlackBerry, there are already other agencies authorized to discuss it. But in general, the government was disappointed with the construction of factories in Malaysia, "he concluded.

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