Cut the Rope For Android Got a New Level

Cut the Rope For Android

For Gamers who like to play games Cut the Rope on Android device, and stopped because there are no new levels, now you can play it again, because Cut the Rope for Android have a new level is the level of the Toy Box.

Level Toy Box adds a new level 25 or 75 stars can be obtained, and the new challenges of Bouncy bumper to get candy like Om Nom. For others still the same thing with previous versions like the bubble, air blowers, and other sliding hook.

This update is good news, because for IOS users, Cut the Rope has been getting extra levels and the latest series of Cut the Rope: Experiments. For gamers who just want to try this game please download at the Android Market.

Cut the Rope For Android

To download this game please click link below


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