Unique Gadget To Communicate With the Dead

Unique Gadget To Communicate With the Dead

Known as the Rosetta Stone language learning software or artifacts of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs to solve. But Rosetta Stone is also a futuristic accessory on the tombstone.

RosettaStone from a company called Objecs a slab of granite that comes with a small tool of communication or near-field communication (NFC) is affixed to the funerary monument.

NFC works in close proximity, about an inch or less. With this tool, when we pass the information about the deceased RosettaStone regarding photos, biography or message can be sent to mobile phones.

Objects for U.S. $ 225 and the size of an iPod is also described as "a symbol of life". Information about the deceased party is raised by juxtaposing with RosettaStone.

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