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PixTab AHA

Some time ago Pixcom vendor has issued a android tablet based on GSM named AndroTab. Now we will discuss the tablet android from Pixcom bundling AHA provider course based on CDMA network named PixTab. PixTab AHA is priced at around 3 million rupiah. The short specs such as :
• Network CDMA 2000 1x / EVDO 800 MHz
• Android Froyo 2.2
• 7 inch screen is a capacitive type with a resolution of 800x480 pixels
• Processor Qualcomm MSM 7627 600 MHz and 512 MB RAM
• Main camera 5.0 MP, 0.3 MP front camera
• Battery 4000mAh Li-Po

Design and Body
Pixtab design is fairly good, not much different shape from AndroTab. The front of the other standards such as tablets, the screen with black frame surrounds. There is a front camera and three touch buttons (home, menu, back) is not equipped with backlight. The back of the glossy white with the logo of the AHA. There are cameras and speakers in the rear.

On the left there is a mic, as well as data cable charger port, and slots for SIM cards. The bottom there is a 3.5mm headset port and slot-type micro SD memory card. The upper part filled with the volume button and power button. For the charger port / data unfortunately does not use a common type so you may have difficulty if the luggage is lost the data cable.

Package Sales
PixTab sales package is the same with his brother AndroTab, such as:
• Warranty card
• User manual
• Headset
• Data cable
• Charger
• Car charger
• Anti-scratch
• leather Gloves
• Micro SD 8GB

The orientation of the tablet aimed for in landscape position. Display screen is good category, even though it feels less sharp. Probably caused by the resolution of only 800x480 pixels. The interface is very standard tablets Android Froyo, there is no customization. Homescreen made up of five pages that can not be added. As usual you can enter a shortcut, widgets, folders, and wallpapers to homecreen.

On the menu, the display also looks great with a black background. Application icons are arranged in 5x6 and in alphabetical order and can not be changed. The top, bar notification remains present.

Input Method
How to input on the tablet is the same as in other Android devices in the form of a virtual full QWERTY keyboard. There are also settings such as vibrate, sound, auto-capitalization, and others.

To contact, you can integrate it from your Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail. For the manual method is also in the fields provided enough detail for contact information. You are not constrained to enter into a contact number of this tablet.

PixTab is a tablet that supports CDMA EVDO, and can send a message. Display conversations appear in chat mode. Very easy to use and intuitive. Editor SMS and MMS are combined, if you attach a file it will automatically be an MMS.

Gmail also display just the standard, perform well and features such as push notification, multiple accounts, signatures, and other labels. Gtalk application is also embedded in this Pixtab.

The camera is embedded in this tablet has a resolution of 5MP autofocus and VGA-sized camera also pinned on the front. These features are also quite a lot. This camera also supports geo tagging feature to find out the location shooting. The results of images from this camera look less bright, somewhat purplish. It is unfortunate because this camera has great resolution and autofocus capabilities.

Gallery at PixTab using a typical 3D gallery Android. Found a little lag at the time of entry into the camera. You can do the pinch and zoom in the photo gallery. As standard Android gallery, you can make sharing images, may also conduct crop, rotate, and others in the photo.

The video recorder can record up to WVGA resolution. There is a selection of video and audio encoder. Manifold 3gp format video recording with a frame rate of 29 frames / second and 2143kbps bitrate for the video duration 29 seconds 7:43 MB in size. Here's an example record:

This tablet seems to only support mp4 format only. Because we tried other formats like avi, wmv, flv and can not be played. For the HD format 720p mp4 type can not be displayed on the tablet is only sound came out. The interface is simple in design. Only there is a button rewind, play / pause, forward and bar duration.

Music player is also the same with other congenital Android. Track list can be sort by Artist, Albums, Songs, Playlists. This music player can display album art. Unfortunately there is no sound output settings such as the equalizer. Loud speaker capability with ordinary qualities.

Tablet PixTab uses CDMA 2000 1x network and EVDO 800 MHz. The tablet has WiFi connectivity 802.11 b / g, Bluetooth, GPS, and USB. The tablet is able to do WiFi Tethering as other Android devices. As already mentioned above, the data port / charging PixTab It does not use a common type, so PixTab should not be separated from its data cable, so you do not have trouble for charging or connecting to a computer.

Web Browsing
For web browser, support for up to 8 tabs. We did not experience barriers to open the site version mobile, but for the full version we had experienced several crashes. This possibility is caused due to hardware limitations are less qualified. Flash file can be in the show, but with a pretty severe lag.

Default Applications :
• AHA Mail
• Shop AHA
• AHA Vibe
• iReader
• ES File Explorer
• Documents To Go
• TasKiller
• WhatsApp

Neocore: 37.2 Fps
Linpack: 5276 MFlops in 15.89 seconds
Quadrant Standard: 701 points

Battery Life
Daya tahan baterai termasuk baik karena berkapasitas 4000 mAh. Namun dengan kapasitas yang besar, charging lama.

With a fairly economical, the bonus which is pretty much up and running on CDMA networks, PixTab good enough to be purchased. But the specifications that you can do less qualified for the performance of the AHA bundling these tablets.

• Network CDMA / EVDO
• Screen capacitive
• Front camera
• The browser supports flash light

• The port is not standard
• Performance standards
• Lag is sometimes feels
• The camera is less bright

PixTab AHA

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