Manufacturer of the Maps Closed by Nokia


Nokia today said that they would close the plant in Cluj, Romania and firing about 1,300 people in mapping and commerce business unit of one of its flagship product is the Nokia Maps.

Plan ''to close the plant in Cluj combined with the company's supply chain adjustment is expected to impact to employee 2,200 people,'' said Nokia.

Nokia's share price since last February was down about 50%, when the company first announced a partnership with Microsoft. Furthermore, Nokia announced in April it will save a budget of 1 billion euros, which means the layoff of 4,000 employees.

Along with the announcement of the closure of the factory in Cluj, place another one supplier Nokia, Digia, said that his company agreed to lay off 170 employees in Finland and people will likely again to fire up to 80 people depending on the situation and future business conditions. Most of those who were fired from a mobile phone division.

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