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Download Game Big Time Gangsta

Game big time Gangsta is a action strategy game based on the Android phone,

player who plays a new inmate in the joint and looking to build a crew to take over the city. There is a parade of amusing, bad dialogue and the basic set up for the game, but when you're done laughing, suddenly your whole world will depend on the criminal Mission Hill.

Big Time Gangster games like games like Farmville and Mafia Wars. The main difference here is that instead of harvesting crops to earn real money, you are on a mission to take control of the area for protection money and no live fire in Farmville. This area is more players, protection, is more money available to buy upgraded weapons and new hire thugs to help take over the city.

Players participate in a 3D shoot-out to decide who controls the area, and the user sends his henchmen in a real mission to make money or "tonic" that need more projects to get cash. Over time, you build a large enough group to go to the Arena, where the waves shoot out can make big money or wounded criminals.

Download Game Big Time Gangsta

Download Game Big Time Gangsta

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 Download Game Big Time Gangsta or Download Game Big Time Gangsta

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