Install Custom Recovery for LG Optimus One P500

LG Optimus One P500

Earlier I explained the Recovery Mode is a mode where we can push the zip file or in other words flasing ROM, the kernel and can even push a2sd applications. In addition it also has a recovery mode for the partition function SDCARD. Similarly, the "Download Mode" at samdroid (Samsung)
there are 2 o1 in recovery = Thunderg and Clockwordmod for now I share a tutorial custom Thunderg recovery
make sure your o1 was Rooted, PC / Laptop is installed SDK manager (ADB),,, (SDK link: advanced system settings -> environment variables

add (new..) in the USER variable, variable name: adb, variable value: D: \ android-sdk_r08-windows \ platform-tools

open cmd (terminal)
continue to change directory>>> type cd D: \ android-sdk_r08-windows \ platform-tools

for testing, connect the data cable with O1, type adb devices, the MAC address will appear O1 your device
* If they do not appear try typing
adb kill-server
adb start-server

** Remember, the LG Drivers must already exist and USB debuging be in Check **

Installation Step:
Download recovery Thunderg : Here 

Download flash Here 
Extract 2 file, put on SDCARD not in a folder (/ Sdcard/recovery-RA-GNM-thunderg-1.1.0.img & / sdcard / flash who placed on the sdcard its contents extracted in a state of life connect to your PC / Laptop into command prompt windows (cmd)
change directory: cd D: \ android-sdk_r08-windows \ platform-type tools adb shell, the sign will turn into $ and type $ su ,
activate the super user, change the sign $ -> # (means you've got root access) typing the following comand (can copast) one by one: # mount-o remount, rw-t yaffs2 / dev/block/mtdblock1 / system
# Cat / sdcard / flash_image> / system / bin / flash_image
# Chmod 755 / system / bin / flash_image
# Mv / system / etc / / system / etc / (ignore errors)
# Mount-o remount, ro-t yaffs2 / dev/block/mtdblock1 / system # flash_image recovery / sdcard/recovery-RA-GNM-thunderg-1.1.0.img
# Reboot recovery
later will reboot and go into recovery mode
if you fail and still go to the Home Screen means there is an error step (contact relevant parties) *** how to enter the next recovery, press a combination of power + home + vol.down together in the dead **** how pake recovery:-move the cursor: volume button - select: menu button - abort or back: the back button

"Could be upgraded to a recovery thunderg 1.2 d XDA amnora can see how to install flash enough of recovery"

Good luck,

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