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More than 500,000 outstanding applications in the App Store, and here are 10 applications which are very much in the download so far this year:

1. Spy Mouse - $ 0.99 - a simple game made by EA which is surprising in download more than Angry Birds. This game is about taking control of a rat in a cheese and bring her home. Spy Mouse has more than 70 levels and 6 different places.

Spy Mouse

2. Angry Birds Season - $ 0.99 - Update from Angry Birds Season comes with the theme of the festival months in China. Consisting of 30 new levels and of course have a Mighty Eagle.

Angry Birds Season

3. Angry Birds - $ 0.99 - Rovio second game in the top three. Present and the boom in the iPhone, this game now has a lot of outstanding cross-platform and become one of the game with the most downloads.

Angry Birds

4. Plants vs. Zombies - $ 0.99 - This game has won over 20 awards for game of the year. Has 50 levels and 20 special achievement for Game Center on the iPhone.

Plants vs Zombies

5. Fruit Ninja - $ 0.99 - One of the popular games of the iPhone. Our task is to cut up fruits and vegetables as much as the flying-many of them and as soon as possible by scoring combos while avoiding bombs.

Fruit Ninja

6. NFL Rivals - $ 2.99 - NFL American Football Rivals is a game popular in the United States and other countries. As in the game of American Football, here the players will try to score, dropping his opponent with the means to pursue, make tackles, hit, kick, jump, and others.

NFL Rivals

7. MadPad: Remix Your Life - $ 0.99 - One of the best musical sound-producing applications in the App Store. You can produce sounds of instrumental or even the usual noises are all around us like the sound of soda cans, gerincingan keys, mouse clicks, etc.. You can also record sound by using this application.

MadPad Remix Your Life

8. WhatsAppMessenger - $ 0.99 - Application of the popular cross-platform messenger lately. WhatsAppMessenger can be used on IOS platforms, Android, Blackberry, and Symbian.


9. Cut The Rope - $ 0.99 - Om Nom! The core game is very simple, you just need to 'deliver' candy to cute little green monsters while collecting stars.

Cut the Rope

10. Tiny Wings - $ 0.99 - This game will invite you to explore the valley and mountains to perfect the little bird's nest.

Tiny Wings

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